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Damanhur The largest underground temple in the world

Damanhur The largest underground temple in the world

Temple of Humanity (Vidracco)

Damanhur, le profondità della vita comunitaria | il manifesto

A special note certainly deserves the Temple of Humanity in Vidracco, Piedmont:

The Temple of Humanity is an extraordinary attraction located in Vidracco, in Valchiusella, Piedmont. This wonderful underground construction, carved by hand into the rock, was created by members of the communities of the Federation of Damanhur. The Temple of Humanity is a unique and fascinating place dedicated to the Divine residing in humans. It is situated just 50 km north of Turin, at the foot of the majestic Alps.

History: The adventure of building the Temple of Humanity began in 1978, and despite not being fully completed yet, there is an ongoing future expansion project. The incredible story of this place began in 1992 when its existence, originally considered abusive, was revealed to the public following a demolition order due to the lack of necessary urban planning authorizations. However, the Damanhur Federation managed to resolve legal issues, regularizing its position and allowing the continuation of construction work.

The Temple of Humanity consists of seven main halls, each symbolically representing the inner chambers of the human being. Exploring the halls and corridors of the Temple is like embarking on a metaphorical journey within oneself, discovering one’s thoughts and emotions. Every detail of the Temple has been meticulously crafted, and each element, such as colors and measurements, follows a precise code of forms and proportions. Each hall has its specific resonance, offering a unique auditory experience.

Main Halls:

  • Water Hall: This chalice-shaped hall is dedicated to the feminine principle, inviting receptivity and open-mindedness.
  • Azure Temple: A place for meditation on social issues, inspiring reflection.
  • Earth Hall: Dedicated to the masculine principle and the importance of Earth as a vital element and planet. It represents the divine life and nature of man.
  • Metals Hall: This hall represents different eras and various phases of human development, as well as the dark aspects of the human psyche.
  • Labyrinth: A fascinating space illustrating interfaith worship through the centuries, uniting different cultures and peoples. It is a gallery bringing together all deities, from Allah to Manitou.
  • Spheres Hall: Positioned where three synchronic lines merge, it invites planetary contacts and the transmission of messages, ideas, and signs to create harmony between nations.
  • Mirrors Hall: This hall is dedicated to the sky, air, and light. It represents solar energy, strength, and life itself. Four altars symbolizing the four elements—fire, water, air, and earth—are found here.

The Temple of Humanity is an extraordinary artistic and architectural testimony. With a total volume of over 8,500 cubic meters spread across five underground levels, descending a height of 72 meters (comparable to the height of a building of over twenty floors), this magnificent construction offers visitors a unique experience. The temple walls are frescoed, the floors are decorated with mosaics, and the ceilings are made of stained glass, creating a magical and evocative atmosphere.

In 2001, the Temple of Humanity earned the Guinness World Record as the largest underground temple in the world, confirming its grandeur and artistic significance.

Today, the Temple of Humanity has been recognized as a work of art by the Superintendent. Its beauty, along with the profound spirituality and symbolic richness it possesses, makes it a must-visit destination for those wishing to explore the artistic and cultural wonders of Piedmont.

Our tour operator offers the opportunity to visit the Temple of Humanity as part of an exclusive tour of the Canavese region. You will be accompanied by experienced Damanhur guides who will provide detailed information about the history, art, and spirituality of this unique place in the world. You can explore the seven main halls, immersing yourself in the magical and contemplative atmosphere that pervades the Temple.