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Food and wine in Canavese

The Canavese is a true paradise for lovers of fine and rare alpine cheeses. Here, you can discover delicacies such as Civrin from Val Chiusella, Salignun with Miasse, Toma ‘d Trausela, Murtret di Quincinetto, and the exquisite tomes produced in the alpine pastures of the Orco and Soana valleys. But that’s not all; you can also indulge in Salam ‘d patata, forest products like mushrooms and small fruits such as blueberries and acacia flowers. Additionally, savor peasant sweets born in the common ovens of the villages, like torcetti di Agliè, nocciolini di Chivasso, canestrelli, and paste ‘d melia.

The Canavese is also a true delight for lovers of vegetables, vegetables, legumes, and flours. Here, you will find typical and exclusive products such as piattella di Cortereggio, cavolo verza di Montalto, cipolline di Ivrea, pomodoro costoluto di Chivasso, and maize Pignoletto Rosso di Banchette. Let’s not forget Ajucca, a wild herb used to prepare a delicious soup with stale bread.

But let’s return to the territory, whose glacial origin has made the lands of Canavese rich in minerals, making them ideal for vine cultivation. The lakes, the hills of the morainic amphitheater, and the constant ventilation from the Valle d’Aosta create a microclimate particularly favorable to viticulture. The landscape has been shaped by vine cultivation, with the suggestive stone pillars called Pilun. Among the renowned local wines, you will find Erbaluce di Caluso DOCG, Carema DOC, and Canavese Rosso DOC.