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The Valchiusella

The Valchiusella, nestled in the Graian Alps, has been a strategic communication route to the Alto Canavese and the Valle d’Aosta for centuries. It offers numerous natural attractions, including the Guje di Gavarot, the Natural Reserve of Monti Pelati, Lake Meugliano, and the Fondo waterfalls. Outdoor enthusiasts will find numerous trails for hiking, snowshoeing, mountain biking, and horseback riding, suitable even for children.

Human presence in the valley dates back to prehistoric times, as evidenced by rock engravings on the Path of the Souls, making the valley of great interest for archaeological studies. It was inhabited by the Salassi and later by the Romans, who exploited the iron and magnetite quarries and the peat bogs of Alice Superiore.

The lower part of Valchiusella is characterized by hills covered with chestnut and oak forests, with enchanting intramorainic lakes. Ascending towards the upper part of the valley, there are birch forests, pastures, and alpine meadows where typical cheeses like Civrin are produced. The valley culminates with the peaks of Mont Mars, Monte Giavino, and Manfandi.

The nature of Valchiusella offers breathtaking views, areas like the Gavarot gorge, Lake Meugliano, and Lake Alice. The landscape is characterized by rural churches and chapels. There are historical settlements with traditional architecture, traces of metallurgical and artisanal activities along the streams, as well as stone bridges like the one in Fondo.

In Valchiusella, you can also visit “The Temples of Humankind” in Damanhur, the world’s largest underground work, an underground temple of 8500 cubic meters carved into the rock. Valchiusella thus represents a fascinating destination for nature, history, and underground art enthusiasts.