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Events in the Canavese area

The Carnevale delle Arance in Ivrea

Canavese is a region that offers a lively events scene, blending centuries-old traditions with modern celebrations. One of the main events that attracts visitors from around the world is the Carnevale delle Arance (Carnival of Oranges).

The Carnival of Oranges is a traditional festival held in the city of Ivrea during the Carnival period. This unique celebration has ancient origins dating back to the 12th century. Its distinctive feature is the famous “Battle of Oranges,” a true challenge where participants form teams and throw oranges at each other, recreating a historic popular uprising that took place in the Middle Ages.

During the Carnival of Oranges, the streets of Ivrea come alive with colors, music, and joy. The teams of “orange-throwers” compete fiercely, wearing traditional costumes and reenacting the siege of the feudal domain. Participants divide into “foot throwers” and “carriage throwers” pulled by horses, parading through the city streets, creating a breathtaking spectacle.

The Battle of Oranges involves thousands of participants who exchange oranges at incredible speeds. Oranges are thrown with great energy and skill, and participants must wear special protections to avoid injuries. This unique tradition is a true display of strength, agility, and combative spirit.

In addition to the Carnival of Oranges, Canavese hosts numerous other cultural and folkloric events throughout the year. The region is famous for its gastronomic festivals, where you can taste local dishes and discover the culinary specialties of the area. Among these many festivals are the Sagra della Bagna Cauda, mushroom festivals, snail festivals, torcetti festivals, cured meat festivals, pumpkin festivals, potato festivals, chestnut festivals, and cabbage festivals, as well as numerous wine and grape harvest festivals, among the most well-known is the one in Caluso.

Il Carnevale storico di Ivrea: non solo battaglia delle arance