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The Western Canavese

The Western Canavese is an area delimited to the east by the Lanzo Valleys and to the south by the Turin territory. Here, you’ll find cities rich in history such as Rivarolo Canavese, Cuorgnè, and Ciriè, along with numerous small centers of medieval origin.

In the area, you can visit castles like the Malgrà Castle in Rivarolo and museums like the Archaeological Museum of Cuorgnè. An important attraction is the Sacro Monte di Belmonte, a UNESCO Heritage site, part of the nine Sacred Mountains in Piedmont and Lombardy, representing a work of sacred architecture and art inserted in a natural landscape for educational and religious purposes.

The Western Canavese is characterized by the hill foothills of Alto Canavese, offering numerous opportunities for walks, visits to the Natural Reserve of Vauda, and hiking trails on Monte Soglio. The region is ideal for those who love nature, art, and culture. Main centers like Rivarolo Canavese, Cuorgnè, and Ciriè, as well as small villages, are immersed in a charming agrarian landscape.

In the area, you’ll find castles that testify to artistic styles of past centuries and host events and contemporary art exhibitions, such as the Malgrà Castle in Rivarolo Canavese and the Rivara Castle. Moreover, there are delightful chapels with incredible frescoes scattered in this part of Canavese, like the Chapel of Santa Croce in Rocca Canavese and the church of San Giorgio in Valperga, where a bell tower of 67 meters also stands. Ancient medieval towers and fortified farms can be found practically in every village.

To explore the long history of Canavese, a visit to the Archaeological Museum of Cuorgnè is recommended, where you can admire the anthropomorphic steles of Tina (dating back to around 3000-2500 B.C.). Additionally, the cave “Boira fusca” represents one of the oldest prehistoric sites in Piedmont.

Besides culture and art, the landscape is a major attraction. The Natural Reserve of Vauda, known as the “heathland” of Canavese, offers tourist trails to explore this area. For those into more challenging hiking, the trails of Monte Soglio are ideal to be covered on foot or by mountain bike. Every year, the Trail del Monte Soglio, a mountain trail running race, takes place. Alternatively, you can take quieter walks along the Canale di Caluso.

Enogastronomy is another important aspect of Western Canavese. On the hills, you’ll find vineyards producing Canavese DOC wine. Pleasant walks through the vineyards can be followed by visits to the wineries to taste local wines and discover the work of winemakers.

Overall, the Western Canavese offers a charming combination of history, culture, art, and nature. Visitors can explore castles, museums, churches, and ancient frescoes, immersing themselves in the rich artistic tradition of the region. At the same time, they can enjoy the natural wonders of the Natural Reserve of Vauda and the trails of Monte Soglio, offering breathtaking panoramas and opportunities for outdoor activities.

Finally, food and wine enthusiasts will be delighted by the vineyards of Canavese and the wineries where they can taste local wines, accompanied by the authentic flavors of local cuisine. Ultimately, the Western Canavese is an ideal destination for those who want to immerse themselves in the history, art, nature, and gastronomy of this fascinating region of Piedmont.