Logo esteso South Face Paradise


Aware of the impact that tourism can have on the environment and local community, we are committed to minimizing the negative influence of our activities. We promote the use of sustainable means of transportation such as bicycles and public transportation to reach the starting areas of our activities, thus reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, we regularly organize environmental cleaning and awareness activities, transmitting information related to pollution and human impact on the environment to our visitors. 

We promote the use of local products in our meals, contributing to supporting the local economy and reducing the environmental impact of transporting food. 

We also commit to managing our operations sustainably, using renewable energy, reducing the use of paper and plastic, and promoting recycling practices. We adhere to and propose tree-planting initiatives for the restoration of compromised areas. In summary, our goal is to offer unforgettable experiences in the Gran Paradiso National Park, but always in a sustainable and responsible way. We are proud to do our part in contributing to the conservation of the environment and local communities, and we are confident that our visitors will appreciate our commitment to sustainability.