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Gran Paradiso Park

The Gran Paradiso National Park, the oldest protected area in Italy, was established in 1922 as the hunting reserve of King Vittorio Emanuele II. Its main objective is the conservation of the ibex, the symbol of the Park, and its habitat. The Park extends both in the Aosta Valley and in Piedmont, within our beautiful Canavese. The valleys taking center stage in this area are the Orco Valley and the Soana Valley, offering breathtaking landscapes. With over 70,000 hectares of territory, the Park spans from the 800 meters of the valley floors to the summit of Gran Paradiso at 4061 meters. Here, you will find a true paradise with torrents, lakes, larch and fir forests, alpine meadows, rocks, and glaciers. Inside the Park, numerous animals live freely, including ibexes, chamois, marmots, ermines, squirrels, and rare birds such as the golden eagle, the bearded vulture, and the white partridge. This biodiversity makes the Park a unique place for nature and wildlife enthusiasts. This location offers the opportunity for an authentic vacation immersed in nature and far from mass tourism. Here, you can experience genuine and unspoiled adventures, embracing the beauty of the mountains and the regality of nature. Ancient fortifications and castles bear witness to a millennial history, while ancient paths revive the routes of merchants and shepherds along the alpine passes. The Park is also a fascinating destination for geology enthusiasts, thanks to the sedimentary rocks and glacial formations that have shaped the landscape. Coniferous forests, alpine meadows, glacial lakes, glaciers, and wild valleys characterize the natural environment. Local traditions, linked to mountain life and livestock farming, are still vibrant and tangible. In the Park, you can engage in numerous sports, cultural, and gastronomic activities that will allow you to experience something unique. Sustainable accommodation and agritourisms offer the opportunity to discover local gastronomy and typical products, promoting environmentally friendly and tradition-respecting tourism. The Gran Paradiso National Park is an ideal destination for outdoor activities, nature lovers, and mountain enthusiasts. Here, you will find numerous paths for trekking, cycle tourism, mountain biking, mountaineering, climbing, canyoning, and much more, suitable for every level of preparation. In summary, the Gran Paradiso National Park deserves to be discovered and valued for its natural beauty and the richness of its history, art, and culture. It is a place that offers a unique opportunity for sustainable and slow tourism, where you can live an authentic and unforgettable experience.