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The Soana Valley

The Soana Valley is a wild and unspoiled valley situated between the Orco Valley, the Valchiusella, and the Aosta Valley. Characterized by the Franco-Provençal dialect and connections to the nearby Cogne, the valley is accessible via Pont Canavese.

In the valley, you can find one of the Visitor Centers of the Gran Paradiso National Park, dedicated to traditions and biodiversity. There is also a small ski area, and in summer, numerous outdoor activities such as trekking and mountain biking are popular. The valley is crossed by the Soana River, well-known to canoe enthusiasts, and offers lush forests and meadows with the possibility of spotting chamois, ibex, and marmots.

There are only three municipalities in the valley, but numerous characteristic villages with traditional wooden and stone buildings. The dynamic municipality of Ingria organizes events throughout the year. Continuing, you reach Ronco Canavese, from where you can reach the Vallone di Forzo and the Ciardoney Glacier, as well as the Ancesieu wall, ideal for climbing.

In the municipality of Valprato Soana, the valley splits again: on one side is the Campiglia Valley with the splendid Pian dell’Azaria, and on the other side is Piamprato, where you can practice alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, and snowshoeing excursions.

The valley offers numerous itineraries, but one not to be missed is the one leading to the San Besso Sanctuary, where residents of the Soana Valley and Cogne meet every year.